GONE FISHING green camouflage suede watch strap



The camouflage watch strap has become a legend of its own. It became famous in streetwear when world biggest hip hop mogul rocked one while watching a game of baseball. We are happy that we can stock the OG strap made by JPM. This is an iconic strap which is really cool when you rock your watch on the streets or wearing you Sub dressed up smart casual. But off course you also use it when…


Gone fishing


  1. To checkout from reality. To be unaware of what's going on.
  2. To drop the duties of daily life and go do something else, something nice.

"Honey, you good to go? We agreed today we'd settle the dentist bill, buy new shoes for the kids, drink tea with my mom and then you'd clean the bathroom filter, remember? honey...? Are you there...?" Johnny was gone fishing. (source: urban dictionary)


Length: 12 + 7 cm (4.72 + 2.76 in.)

12 month warranty
14 day returns