Omega Omega Flightmaster

Omega Flightmaster

Brand: Omega
Model: Flightmaster caliber 911
Reference: ST 145.026
Gender: male
Year: 1970s
Material: stainless steel
Dial Color: black
Dimensions: 43.10 x 52.55 mm
Watch Movement: automatic
Bracelet/Strap: steel
Box/Paper: Handmade Leather Travel Pouch
Condition: Excellent

Omega Flightmaster caliber 911 reference 145.026

In the late 50s Omega introduced the Speedmaster. This watch was introduced as a drivers watch. It was such a good device to measure time and speed that it soon became adopted by pilots and astronauts. The Omega Speedmaster became the watch that had been selected by NASA to tell the time and write history during its Apollo missions.

A decade later Omega decided they wanted to develop a watch that would be specificly useful for pilots. So they took the caliber 861 and redesigned it by adding a 12-Hour GMT hand complication. The hand moves and is set uni-directionally via the auxiliary crown located at 10 o'clock on the case. The crown located @ 8:30 on the case set's the under mineral crystal bezel.

So how do you recognize a Flightmaster? That’s quite easy. You can see them from the other side of the street. This watch has a real contemporary look. Its case is quite big even for today’s standards and its has 2 pushers 3 crowns and the dial has 7 hands!

The Flightmaster had to be very easy readable while flying a Concorde or hurdling into space with eleven times the speed of sound (I will elaborate later on this one..). The Flightmaster manual stated: ‘Cut from a single block of Swedish stainless steel, the upper case is pressed and tempered sixteen times before it assumes it's unique elliptical shape designed to fit the countours of the wrist comfortably.

The first edition of the Flightmaster, caliber 910 (ST145.013), is recognizable by its green and black small seconds sub-register at 9 o'clock and with a 24-Hour AM/PM indication. This layout has its lovers and its haters. It looks great with the green and black sub register. Haters lack the sight of a running second hand which characterizes the Moonwatch, while lovers prefer the functionality of a full functional 24 hour GMT function with its AM/PM indicator.

Due to the lack of a running second hand Omega decided to offer the critics an alternative. So the developed caliber 911 (ST 145.026 and ST 145.036). This has the seconds running at the 9 hour sub register but lacks a 24H AM/PM indicator.

Also Chronomaddox stated: “Another common feature across the Flightmaster line is a unique design on the caseback. Which consists of an Omega Symbol (logo), a jetliner (looks to my eye to be a DC-8 Super 61), and the name "flightmaster". Note that "flightmaster" is not capitalized on the caseback or on the dial. I don't really know why it was not, but it is an interesting item for conversation.The jetliner on the caseback leaves no doubt to the market's this watch was positioned to sell to.”

This specific Omega Flightmaster is one of the second generation. While I do love the sight of greenish 24 hour sub register, I am in the camp that loves a running second hand. Otherwise I will be holding my watch against my ear all dayJ

I have bought it from a Omega collector. I met him to get another watch but I was completely smitten by the look of this brownish sub registers. The overall patina on this watch is really good. The watch is used but not abused. In have bought it late 2017 and this year it got a full service from a Omega service center. I decided to keep the watch as original as possible. So the watchmaker took care of the complete movement. He replaced the pushers and crown to assure this watch will run as good as possible.

Overall this is a really good example of a Flightmaster, killer looks with great performance!


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