Brunette brown ostrich watch strap



Being brunette doesn't mean that you are boring, dull, and uninteresting (though its common) because God create all hair colors are beautiful according to His image. Brunette hair can be as beautiful as blonde hair, red hair, and black hair I mean just look at Jacky Onassis, Sophia Lauren, Penelope Cruz and Claudia Cardinale…


The brunette brown is our lovely versatile ostrich strap. What not to love here. This color matches with a lot of watches. It is an allrounder, while being very luxurious in the same time. The rosettes on the leather caused by the Ostrich feather follicles give a slightly darker hue and extra texture and depth. This brunette brown color ostrich strap oozes elegancy. Its pairs up really great with classic watches with white or silver dials. But it will also give a really great look with old vintage watches in gold cases or with black dials.


Length: 12 + 7 cm (4.72 + 2.76 in.)

12 month warranty
14 day returns