For the elegant strap we have selected the finest calf leather skins from Tuscany. All of these skins get their beautiful colors by vegetable tanning. They just use oil, wax and vegetable products to give the right elasticity and softness to the leather. Jean Paul Menicucci only selects the best hides at the tannery and makes sure that he picks the first quality. For the WRIST ICONS collection we have chosen color schemes of the traditional strap makers but with a contemporary twist by adding two different colored keepers with adjacent colors to the strap. You can choose between a smooth Barenia leather and a natural grain first quality leather.

The top side is made from a first quality premium calf leather, the bottom side is an Italian calf leather. The straps are hand stitched with a waxed thread.

All of our straps made by JPM are completely handmade. So that includes the cutting, hole punching, stitching, sanding, gluing and distressing processes which result in a superior final product.

12 month warranty
14 day returns