Étoupe Elegant watch strap with two tone keepers



This is the traditional color by one the nicest bag makers from Paris. It is a very warm and nice color scheme with the two different colored keepers in the same kind of color hues. We like the traditional natural smooth calf leather in combination with the two brown and taupe grey leather keepers. It gives an extra dimension of luxury and warmth to this strap. To finish it we have painted the edges in a slightly darker color, to give it a refreshing look.

This watch strap will pair with a lot of different kind of watch since it is a very neutral color. Taupe is  an essentially warm color, the tan-brown tones of taupe pair well with other warm colors -- particularly soft yellow, pink or olive tints. But is also has some greyish undertones that will match perfectly with some classic steel cases.


Length: 12 + 7 cm (4.72 + 2.76 in.)

12 month warranty
14 day returns