If Your Watch Has a Problem and needs a service


If your watch has developed a fault, you can return it to us for inspection.

If the repair is covered by your warranty, it will be undertaken free of charge. To begin the warranty return process, providing as much information about the fault as you can. A member of the warranty team will then contact you to arrange the repair. For watches purchased from Wrist Icons owners are responsible for postage charges and insurance for the full purchase price for shipment to our facility. Send the watch to Wrist Icons along with a copy of the original invoice, a description of what is wrong with the watch, and owner contact information. Our watchmakers will evaluate the watch, confirm the conditions of this warranty are intact, service the watch, and return it to the owner at the cost of Wrist Icons. If the watch was previously repaired by Wrist Icons, the owner will receive a prepaid insured shipping label with which to forward the timepiece to Wrist Icons. The claimant owner must submit the original repair number, serial number, and proof of prior work executed in order to obtain warranty service.

Watch service repair time can vary depending on the watch brand and the specific service concern. Usually, warranty service repairs require six to eight weeks. When a watch service is completed, a shipping tracking number will be emailed to the owner.

Why your mechanical watch requires service

If you wear a mechanical watch, this watch will have to be serviced periodically; let us explain why. We will also point out the costs that come with this and why it is wise to inquire about this when buying your watch so that you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises.

If you go purchase a watch for a serious amount (which is a serious amount for you, of course, is completely subjective and depends on your wishes, limits and income), looking at a watch, chances are that you are in the market for a mechanical watch: an automatic or a manual handwinder. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with a quartz watch, a mechanical watch is a bit like a single malt for the whiskey afficionado's.

A mechanical watch is usually a lot up to many times more expensive than a quartz watch and that has clear reasons. It is therefore not strange to (have to) save for your intended new automatic or manual watch. And then it's time for that and you walk a little nervous at the jeweler. For most of us, spending thousands of euros in one go will never get used to. You pay a small fortune to the jeweler and walk out with your new pride on the arm. But that does not stop the costs.

Why maintenance is needed

A mechanical watch needs periodical maintenance in order to keep running properly. This has to do with a number of issues. Mainly the fact that a mechanical movement counts many more moving parts than a quartz movement. Gravity also affects the run rate of the watch. If you never let your mechanical watch be serviced, it will start to run less accurately over time and the chance of defects increases: a mechanical watch, like any other piece of mechanics, suffers from natural wear. This wear can result in fine dust, which makes your timepiece worse. A certified specialist can help keep your watch in the best possible condition.

The price and frequency of maintenance

How often a watch has to be serviced depends on the timepiece. Most brands recommend servicing every 3-5 years, but some timepieces require shorter or longer intervals. This can result in (considerable) extra costs. In general, the service costs are good in relation to the price of the watch. A common price for maintenance is about 250 - 500 euros. Servicing a watch with a complicated or special timepiece can be many times more expensive. Those who buy a watch worth tens of thousands of euros can generally assume that the timepiece is of very good and extremely precise quality, which makes maintenance considerably more expensive. During the maintenance not only the movement is cleaned, the state of other parts, such as the glass, the dial, the crown, pin and the pushbuttons (if present) are also examined. Parts that show defects or wear will be replaced.

Implementation by a specialist

Having your mechanical watch serviced is therefore a must if you want to keep it running accurate for the future. It is crucial that you have the maintenance carried out by an experienced, certified specialist. Never attempt to carry out work on your watch yourself. When buying your watch, it is wise to inquire about the used movement from the watch. Certain calibers/movements from both Swiss (and Japanese) producers are used by many brands and in many models. Other timepieces are being modified, so that the need for maintenance by a brand specialist already presents itself. Watches with a manufacture movement (watches designed and manufactured by the brand itself) should only be serviced by a specialist who has extensive knowledge and experience with this specific timepiece. On the other hand: maintenance of watches with very common, general timepieces can often be carried out without problems by the jeweler himself. You will understand that the price for maintenance per watch / watch can fluctuate considerably.


If you want to resell your watch in the future, then a good service history, as with a car, has a big influence on the price you can ask for.

Long story short, WRIST ICONS can help you with a good advise on proper service and repairs.

12 month warranty
14 day returns