When you have decided you want to buy at the WRIST ICONS webshop you will  arrive in the check-out. You will see different kind of payment options.

With online purchase you have the choice of several payment options:

  • -bank transfer (FREE; as soon as we have received your payment on our account we will send your purchase.We would advise you to contact us before you do a transfer. Customers from outside Europa have to provide IBAN- and BIC-numbers. See below for our account details)
  • -Mollie (FREE; including iDEAL, Mister Cash AND BITCOIN*)
  • -PayPal (including credit card payments) within EU + 3,4% outside EU 3,4%
  • -upon receipt of payment or payment processor agreement, we only ship fully insured and registered. You can email [email protected] or call: 0031634141572

WRIST ICONS reserves the right to cancel the order, if we haven't received your payment within 7 days.

At our office we accept: cash and bank transfers.

Our business information-direct bank transfer

Upon choosing this payment type you will receive an email containing a summary for your order. Please wait until after you have received the order summary email before you make your payment to receive an order number for the reference. 
Please transfer the exact amount stated in the email to our bank account (below). Once we have received the payment, we will immediately send the package.

Company & account details:

  • -CoC (Dutch KvK) number: 71414517
  • -VAT nummer: NL186188791B01
  • -IBAN: NL11RABO0329 392360
  • -Paypal [email protected]



With Mollie, you can easily and quickly pay your watch at WRIST ICONS through Bitcoin with the corresponding amount in euro’s. There are no hidden fees involved, you only pay for your watch or accessoires.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, money which only exists digitally, created specifically to be irretrievable when transferred. Transactions are verified and recorded through a process called ‘mining’, which also creates new bitcoins, without the need for a bank or governing body. Bitcoins are traded on marketplaces for other currencies and can also be used to purchase items, in which case, the bitcoins are transferred from a personal wallet to a receiving Bitcoin address. When you use Mollie to allow customers to pay with bitcoins, we ensure that you’re paid out in the corresponding amount in euro.

Because Bitcoin was developed specifically for irreversible, online transactions, it’s a great payment method for online retailers. Bitcoin is mostly used in online tech stores, but it’s also being implemented and used in food delivery services, clothing stores and tourist accommodations like bed and breakfasts. And now it is also possible to buy a watch at WRIST ICONS!

How does Bitcoin work?

Mollie made accepting payments through Bitcoin easy. Mollie is our payment service provider and they will take care of exchanging the transferred bitcoins into euros and make sure they pay out the corresponding amount in euros to WRIST ICONS.

When you as a customer choose to pay with bitcoins Mollie will determine the exchange rate at that exact moment. Through the connection of Mollie  with several partners, we can ensure a favourable rate, which we hold for 15 minutes. If it takes you longer than that to carry out the payment, a new exchange rate is determined. Once the payment is authorised it is irreversible and guaranteed. 

12 month warranty
14 day returns