WRIST ICONS Grey premium seatbelt nato

Grey premium seatbelt nato



Get yourself the grey WRISTI CONS premium seat belt NATO strap:


  • The best premium seat belt NATO strap money can buy.
  • The best value for money with attention for detail


Our NATO,  the devil is in the....

As a teenager I already use to strap my watch on a NATO. It was a great option during the hot summer days cause being a kid I was very active on my bicycle or participating field sports. The NATO strap offered a cheap and more durable option compared to my leather straps which I had to change almost every year.

Becoming older I started to buy more vintage pieces. As a watch geek I also loved to pair my watches with cool looking straps and more premium NATO straps. As we all know, NATO straps have a cool military provenance and tend to combine very well with tool watches.

I have tested and tried different kind of straps and there was room for improvement. So we decided to specify and build our own line of NATO straps. We went completely nuts and specified the WRIST ICONS premium seat belt NATO straps based on some of the requirements of the British Ministry of Defence Standard (DefStan) 66-15 from1973. But we also updated our straps to a more contemporary standard.

As watch lovers, don't we all love these little details! We love our NATO straps to look nice also after years of wearing them. Most of the thin fabric NATOS straps tend to get frills or start to get torn at the holes. Therefore they should be durable and made from strong materials. The WRIST ICONS premium seat belt NATO straps design consist of:

  1. -7 most wanted colors (black, bond, black/grey edge, navy, grey, army khaki) in 3 sizes (18 black,/bond, 20 all, 22mm all)
  2. -size width 18mm, 20mm, 22mm
  3. -length 31cm without buckle
  4. -premium hardware: brushed stainless steel hardware with a subtle chronograph logo on the buckle and first keeper
  5. -adjustable keeper: moving stainless steel first keeper with engraved logo, so you can adjust your strap the way you like
  6. -1,4 mm seat belt fabric with stitched joints for extra strength at the tension and stress points. The fabric feels strong, soft and smooth due to the ballistic nylon weave.
  7. -big round holes that are laser welded holes that become more durable. (better than square holes)
  8. -premium matte carton packaging with high gloss printing
  9. -and a label that makes you smile:-)


Practical benefits of the NATO strap

When you attach a NATO strap on your watch case, your watch is more secure than any other type of strap. This extra security comes from the fact that your watch case will be attached to two different points; also known as the spring bars which are fixed in the lugholes of your watch case. Suppose your watchband sticks to a certain object such as a fence and as a result should one spring bar fail then the second spring bar will keep the watch attached to the strap.

Unlike traditional NATOs, the WRIST ICONS premium seat belt NATO strap has one movable first keeper providing additional adjustment. This movable keeper allows any additional length to be neatly tucked away, regardless of the size of your wrist.

With the extra length that these straps offer it means you can wear your watch over a your flight jacket, diving or astronaut suit. This may be also handy when you participate in activities such as flying a Concorde, sailing the America’s Cup, skiing the Harakiri, golfing at Sint Andrews, fly-fishing in Patagonia or if you want to look cool just like Gianni Agnelli!


NOTE: The fabric of these straps are made of nylon, so it is not uncommon to have some fraying at the sealed holes after heavy use. Just run the flame of lighter near those loose threads and it will seal the nylon. Do NOT apply the flame directly to the nylon or it will burn/discolor it.

12 month warranty
14 day returns