Longines 13.33z chronograph from 1930

Longines 13.33z chronograph from 1930

Model: 13.33Z chronograph
Reference: 13.33z
Gender: Uni-sex
Year: 1930
Material: yellow gold
Dial Color: white
Dimensions: 34.5mm diameter
Watch Movement: manual wound
Bracelet/Strap: after-market lizard leather strap
Box/Paper: Handmade Leather Travel Pouch IF ordered at WRIST ICONS
Condition: Excellent

WRISTICONS  takes a deep dive into vintage horology. Or should we say antique watches? What we have here for you is a marvelous Longines 13.33z chronograph from 1930. It is one of the oldest chronograph wristwatches out there. Early Longines manufacture chronographs are considered to be the best of the best ever made. If you look at the design architecture and the finishing you will get it immediately. Besides the movement this really handsome 34mmm watch has an incredible beautiful enamel dial in pristine condition.

Longines history

Longines has always been a pioneer in the field of horology. This was also the case with the 13.33Z mechanism, which represents the first chronograph mechanism for a wristwatch, the first chronograph with two pushers and a "flyback" function, developed before the very beginning of the First World War. Just as the need for wristwatches first arose in the military, so did the complication of the chronograph (stopwatch) function. To use a pocket watch, you had to have one hand free, which was not very practical, if you had to hold a rifle or fly an airplane at the same time, for example.

Caliber 13.33z

Longines 13.33Z was developed in 1913, has 18 rubies, diameter is 29 mm, thickness is 6 mm. The oscillation frequency is 18000 bph and uses a Breguet oscillating balance. The crown serves to wind and control the stopwatch. The first press starts the stopwatch, the second stops it and the third resets it to zero. Earlier versions of the mechanism used a lever at number 2 to set the time, because the crown could not be pulled out. There are also very rare ones with two pushers and a "fly back" function. How sophisticated the mechanism is also reflected in the way the minute hand of the stopwatch works. Unlike newer stopwatches where the hand moves gradually as the seconds tick by, in the Longines 13.33Z mechanism it instantly switches between the seconds. Due to its complexity and high production cost, this function can only be found in the most prestigious brands,


Design of the 13.33z

The design of the watches in which the Longines 13.33Z movement is incorporated has many hallmarks of a pocket watch. The cases have a double lid, and are primarily made of gold and steel, with engravings on the back. The dial is made of porcelain, which, despite cracking easily, proved to be very durable, so even today you can find a well-preserved watch that is over 100 years old. Unlike metal dials, which oxidize easily, porcelain dials hardly form a patina. On the collecting side, watches with the Longines 13.33Z mechanism have not yet reached the deserved popularity, so the price is in a reasonable range for now. This makes them an excellent investment, as their popularity will surely grow in the future, especially when you take into account the quality of construction and historical value. The price of a well-preserved model with a Longines 13.33 movement is around 10,000 USD.



  • Year of production: 1913 – 1936.
  • Winding: manual
  • Frequency: 2.5 Hz / 18000 bph
  • Diameter: 29 mm
  • Height: 6 mm
  • Number of rubies: 18
  • Power reserve: 40 h
  • Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, stopwatch with registers for 60 seconds, 30 minutes




This stunning example of a Longines 13.33z is in excellent condition.


  • Dial: this rare dial is in perfect condition.  The original enamel dial of this Longines chronograph is in very good condition without spotting or heavy signs of age. Very crisp fonts and minute track. Really one of the nicest enamel dials I have seen.
  • Hands: original and matching with the dial. Hands have a bit of corrosion
  • Crystal: plexi glass  crystal.
  • Case: Case shows almost no wear. The caseback shows some light scratches. The gold medallion on the back holds all of its inscriptions and is still well defined. 
  • Crown: Original Longines crown
  • Bracelet: after-market lizard leather bracelet
  • Movement: Just serviced by our watchmaker. Running perfectly with a one year service warranty. The Con quest  is powered by the Longines 19 ASin house self-winding movement with sweep seconds. The watch winds and sets very smooth and the movement is running well.


Notes: Absolutely stunning example of a rare late 1930s Longines 13.33Z with a white enamel dial. Very hard to find these in this condition.


Overall, this Longines with a beautiful enamel dial is noteworthy, both for its design and execution.



Viewings can be arranged at our office by appointment.

This particular Longines Conquest has just undergone a full service. This work was carried out by our watchmaker using original parts.

As with all of our pre-owned watches this watch comes with a full 12 month WRIST ICONS warranty that will be invoked from the day of purchase.

  • Brand: Longines
  • Model: 13.33z chronograph
  • Serial number: - serial no. 4.981.741 dates back to ca. 1930
  • Reference: 13.33z
  • Year: Circa 1957
  • Case: It has a 18ct yellow gold case with a double caseback the outer one is a snap-on and the inner case back is hinged. Medaillion caseback with 9 prices for the Grand Prix Chronograph compteur
  • Dimensions: 34 mm diameter (without crown)
  • Crystal: Plexiglass
  • Dial: white enamel dial track, blued steel hands
  • Caliber: manual winding caliber Longines 13.33Z
  • Bracelet/Strap: after-market leather strap
  • Lug Width: 16mm
  • Box/Papers: No
12 month warranty
14 day returns