Rolex SOLD-Rolex  GMT Master II 16760 Fat Lady full set

SOLD-Rolex GMT Master II 16760 Fat Lady full set

Brand: Rolex
Reference: 16760
Gender: Male/Uni-sex
Year: 1987
Material: stainless steel
Dial Color: black
Dimensions: 40 mm
Watch Movement: automatic
Bracelet/Strap: stainless steel
Box/Paper: Original box and papers
Condition: Excellent

This is a rare opportunity to purchase a Rolex GMT Master II reference 16760, also known as the Fat Lady in original condition and as a full set. What sets this watch apart is the stunning condition of the complete watch with the beautiful tritium dial with creamy hour markers and original handset as well as the accessories since it comes with the inner and outer box accompanied by its original paperwork.


How to recognize a  Rolex  GMT Master II 16760?

You can recognize a Fat Lady GMT due to the thicker case profile and wider bezel and oversized crown guards compared to the 1675, but more about that later. This has been a very important model for Rolex since it was the first stainless steel GMT model to introduce:

1-an independently-adjustable GMT hand

2-the red and black color scheme (Coke)

3- a sapphire crystal (the yellow gold 16758 from 1979 already had the sapphire crystal)


Nicknames of the 16760

Watches which are given nicknames are watches that most often are particularly collectible and well sought after. This is one of the best there is. The Rolex 16760 reference has given the moniker “Fat Lady” or “Sophia Lauren” by the Italian watch collector community. The reason for that is due to the bigger curves of the case and the caseback.  We all know the recognizable red and blue of the Pepsi GMT. I actually prefer the Coke color scheme above the Pepsi since the blue is according to my opinion a bit too loud compared to more devilish black and red. And that folks happens to be the 3rd nickname of this reference. The 16760 was the first Rolex GMT with the “Coke” color scheme bezel.


Evolution and difference, from GMT Master to GMT Master II

The Rolex GMT-Master and GMT-Master II appear to be the exact same watch. They both feature a sleek black dial and a rotatable bezel to quickly read a second time zone.

in 1983, the Rolex GMT-Master II was released. While the GMT-Master II looks practically identical to its predecessor, the differences all lie inside the watch case. The GMT-Master II boasts a movement with a quickset hour hand. This independently adjustable hour hand means the local time can be set without stopping the second, minute or 24-hour GMT hand.

In more concise terms, the GMT Master has a quickset date and relies on the rotatable bezel to read the second time zone. Meanwhile, the GMT Master-II has independent hour-hand and 24-hour hands in addition to the original rotating bezel that allows the wearer to compute a third time zone. In order to fit the updated movement, the GMT-Master II is slightly thicker than the original GMT-Master; this is the only real visible difference between the two highly similar watches.


The GMT-Master and GMT-Master II were briefly simultaneously in production until the GMT-Master was discontinued in 1999. The GMT-Master II ranks as one of Rolex’s most beloved styles and carries on the tradition, aesthetics and utility of the original GMT-Master.


Characteristics of the Fat Lady case

Like the drop-dead gorgeous Sophia Lauren the Fat Lady is more voluptuous. This watch has  a 0.5mm thicker profile with a slightly thicker and more curved lugs and the more beveled instead of flat caseback. The sapphire crystal also ride a bit higher than other GMTs of that era. The 16760 reference required a larger movement to accommodate new capabilities. In turn, the model needed a larger case to house the more substantial movement. Rolex took advantage of the extra thick case size and made it part of the model’s stylistic appeal. They complimented it with more robust crown guards and a wider bezel.


The caliber 3085

The caliber of the Fat Lady GMT is based on the 3135, but it features a GMT complication and this is why it’s half a millimeter larger in size. Its module facilitates a second time zone display with the aid of an additional hour hand, which requires 24 hours for a full dial rotation. Caliber 3085 was the first Rolex movement with an independently-adjustable GMT hand. Introduced in 1983 in the GMT-Master II, the movement measured 6.3 mm thick, giving that watch the nickname “Fat Lady”. It was a short-lived movement, with the thinner Cal. 3185 introduced in 1988. The movement has a rapid date change function (quick set) and the seconds hand has a hacking function.


Setting the movement

  1. The movement can be manually wound with the crown in position 1. Rotate the crown clockwise to wind the mainspring.
  2. The date wheel is advanced along with the independent 12 hour hand, forward or backward, with the crown in second position (one notch out). Set the hour hand to the local time and date, leaving the 24 hour hand showing “home time”.
  3. The time is set with the crown in third position (pulled all the way out). Rotate the crown clockwise to advance the minute and hour hands and counter-clockwise to turn them backward.


History of the Rolex GMT Master

As the flight industry began to really take off in the 1940s and 1950s, pilots began flying longer distances. Originally designed in collaboration with Pan Am Airways, the Rolex GMT Master was initially created for Pan AM, and issued by them to their crews on long-haul flights. The key feature of the watch was that the wearer could tell different times simultaneously. The original GMT Master watch has a 24 hour display fourth hand complication directly linked to and displaying the same time zone as the standard 12 hour hand. The GMT hand enables the wearer to set the watch to GMT or any other time zone for the main time view, then set the rotatable 24 hour scale bezel to a second time zone. The name GMT is derived from Greenwich Mean Time. Greenwich Mean Time is also known as Coordinated Universal Time, and is the time zone that is required for all aviation planning, weather forecasts, and schedules.

The first Rolex GMT reference 6542 was introduced in 1954.  It featured a bakelite bezel (which was replaced after two years by an aluminum bezel because it cracked very easily) and had no crown guards. The James Bond fan also might recognize this watch as it was on the wrist of Pussy Galore in the Goldfinger movie. The Rolex GMT-Master ref.6542 was in production till 1959.

Perhaps one of the most popular vintage Rolex GMT-Master watches is this ref.1675. This watch was introduced in 1959 and was in production till 1980, indeed a very long time. Till the late 1960s, the extra hour hand featured a small triangle and was succeeded by a red hand with a larger triangle through-out the 1970s. Early models also featured pointed crown guards and a chapter ring. It was also the first Rolex sports watch that became available on both the Oyster (reference 78360) and Jubilee (reference 62510) bracelet.

Followed by the Rolex GMT Master 16750 in ca 1980, a model with a new movement and glossy dials. Rolex started using the caliber 3075 movement, which featured a quick-set date. The movement also increased ‘speed’ to 28,800vph. This model was in production till 1988 when it was followed by caliber 3085, This new movement made it possible to move the GMT arrow hand back and forwards separately from the minute- and hour-hand.



The Rolex GMT-Master is the most recognizable traveler’s watch in the world. One of the successful ingredients for this, is that Rolex always has been consistent regarding the design of the GMT-Master.

The Rolex GMT-Master was originally designed for professional use to aid airline pilots. However, its combination of peerless functionality and instantly recognizable aesthetics has attracted a wider audience of world travelers. Designed to show the time in two different time zones simultaneously during intercontinental flights, the GMT‑Master has come to be recognized for its robustness and versatile appearance. The GMT-Master II evokes intercontinental travel across time zones. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) marks mean solar time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London — the location of the original meridian used for calculating longitude and determining different time zones around the world.

This reference 16760 features an especially rare design with the addition of a black and red "Coke" bezel and matching glossy black dial topped with white metal “bicchierini” hour markers and painted Rolex crown logo and sweeping hands.  The iconic date aperture is also visible on the dial, adding to its functionality.  This reference also comes equipped with a full length two-tone oyster bracelet.

Notes & Conditions:

This is a really fine looking vintage Rolex GMT Master 16760. It is in excellent vintage condition, remarkable well preserved for its age. It is a really nice watch that you can use as a daily wearer. Our watchmaker has checked the movement. It runs very accurate, with a really high amplitude and very low rate variation.

  • Case: excellent case that has been polished and shows light wear from use.
  • Caseback: original 16760 caseback. Has some scratches but in good vintage condition
  • Bezel: comes with an excellent Coke bezel which has only very lightly faded from wear.
  • Dial and hands: Excellent glossy black dial with matching creamy yellow markers and hands. This really nice glossy dial has only some patina on the hour markers and creamy fading on the handset. It looks very honest.
  • Movement: caliber 3085 beating at 28,800 beats per hour and benefits from an increased power reserve of 42 hours with 27jewels
  • Bracelet: stainless steel 62510 H oyster bracelet  with a folding clasp. 14 links full size 170mm end to end and has moderate stretch for its age.

Overall, the exceptional finishing of the Rolex GMT FAST LADY is noteworthy, both for its design and execution.

As with all of our pre-owned watches this watch comes with a full 12 month WRIST ICONS warranty that will be invoked from the day of purchase.  Please check our website to have a look at the high resolution pictures on a macro level. You will see every detail at its best.

Viewings can be arranged at our office by appointment.



  • Brand: Rolex
  • Model: GMT Master 
  • Reference: 16760                     
  • Serial number:96xxxxx
  • Year: 1987
  • caliber: Automatic mechanical caliber 3085 with date aperture waterproof screw down crown
  • Movement No:
  • Case: It has a stainless steel case with screw down case back
  • Dimensions: 40mm diameter;
  • Case thickness: 5.5mm
  • Case height: 12.6 mm including sapphire-glass crystal
  • Case back: 16760 Oyster steel screw lock
  • Water resistance: 50 MT / 5 ATM
  • Bezel: excellent Coke bezel which has lightly faded from wear
  • Crystal: sapphyre
  • Box/Papers: yes.
  • Bracelet: Stainless steel Oyster bracelet with a 62510H folding clasp and I8 date code. 14 links full size 170mm end to end and has moderate stretch for its age. Rolex box: yes
  • Rolex Warranty: no
  • Seller Warranty: 12 Months
12 month warranty
14 day returns