Rolex SOLD-Rolex Submariner 1680 1978

SOLD-Rolex Submariner 1680 1978


Stunning Rolex Submariner 1680, with nice cream indexes on the type C service dial, with matching hands and pearl (pearl is aftermarket, the rest of the parts are original Rolex). With its 5658XXX serial this Sub was crafted in 1978. Nice bracelet (service buckle), silver date disk: a nice vintage Sub (and lets be honest: isn’t this 10x nicer than the modern Sub + date?). In 2004 the watch has been completely overhauled, the receipts are included.

The Rolex reference number 1680 was the first Rolex Submariner with a date wheel. This was an important change to change for Rolex since the Submariner became less a tool watch and more a fashion icon. The reason for this is because a diver does not need to know the date while diving. Before the 1680 Rolex believed there was no use for a date window.

The 1680 was introduced in 1969 it was the successor of the 5513 model. The 1680 used the movement with caliber 1575 which was basically the same as caliber 1570 only with the addition of a date window.

The earliest versions of the 1680 Submariners have the red writing of the “SUBMARINER” line. This line of text was replaced in 1973 with white lining.

There are a lot of dial variations of the 1680 Submariner. There are 7 dial variations of the Red Submariner called Mark I to Mark VII

And there are 3 dials variations of the White Submariner called Mark I and Mark II and Mark III.

So why are there so many dial variations? Rolex did not manufacture the dials for the White1680 and instead used the dial manufacturers Lemrich and Beyeler. Three different dials were produced commonly referred to as Marks 1,2 and 3. All three Marks of dial are found in watches across the entire serial number range for White 1680’s, so they were in use simultaneously, rather than one Mark following another.

You can recognize the white Submariner Mark 1 dial, which has the “L” of “ROLEX” extraordinarily positioned on the mid-line of the coronet above it. The Mark 2 dial has the “L” has a more traditional position, slightly to the left.

The text at the foot of the two dials is quite similar, but I do note the different, relative positions of the “I” in “SWISS” above the seconds marker

Another way how you can recognize the different dial variations is to look also that on the Mark 1 the word “SUBMARINER” is similar in width to the line of depth ratings underneath it, while on the Mark 2 it is slightly wider.

And then you can spot the third difference if your look at the text at the foot of the two dials, which  is quite similar, but the MK I and MK II have different, relative positions of the “I” in “SWISS” above the seconds marker. The MK has the I located exactly above the minute track while the MK II is slightly placed to the left of the minute track. A third version of the dial exists, identified by having both “closed 6s” and an “L” that is left of the coronet mid-line, and there are some others.

This particular Rolex 1680 from 1978 has the C service dial variation called. You can recognize this dial by looking at the following areas.

The Mk2 dial was made by Beyeler, key points to note are the shape of the Coronet with shorter spikes and a larger mass of white at the bottom; the L in Rolex is positioned to the left of the centre underneath the coronet, the sixes in 660 are closed and on a line of text that is shorter than SUBMARINER above. The F in ft starts directly under the right end of the letter M above, whereas on the Mk1 and Mk3 it starts in the middle of the letter M above. (more info on the dial variations can be found here:

This service dial closely resembles the Mk2 Bayeler original dial, with the same coronet and general layout of wording on the dial, including the wider spacing around the = sign as seen on the original. The most obvious difference is that the original dial has closed sixes, whereas the service dial has open sixes in 660, as can be seen above.

This particular watch has just undergone a full service. This work was carried out by our Rolex authorised watchmaker using Rolex parts.

As with all of our pre-owned watches this watch comes with a full 12 month warranty with ourselves that will be invoked from the day of purchase.

If you put it on your wrist, you feel you have locked and Wrist Icon!


  • Brand: Rolex
  • Model: Submariner
  • Serial number: 5658XXX
  • Reference: 1680
  • Year: Circa 1978
  • caliber: Automatic 1570 movement w/date
  • Case: It has a stainless steel case with screw down case back. waterproof screw-down crown, rotatable time-lapse diver's bezel, acrylic crystal.            Excellent case with some wear from use. Inner caseback is stamped: 1680. Serial and reference numbers are crisp and well defined.
  • Bezel and insert: comes with a lightly faded fat font bezel insert. It is a sharp original bezel with original "Hooked 5" insert with Tritium dot present.
  • Dimensions: 40 mm diameter;
  • Crystal: Plexiglass
  • Dial: Excellent black matte service dial type C with warm creamy markers.
  • Caliber: automatic-winding caliber
  • Bracelet/Strap: stainless steel Rolex 93150 period correct bracelet with a Rolex signed 93150 buckle. The bracelet has been refurbished before by the Rolex Service Center. Therefore it has the date stamp of the year 2002 (DT4) It wears really good, since it is a super tight original Rolex 93150 Oyster bracelet with 580 end links. Bracelet dated to 1977 (VB) and has 11 links + the original PATENTED diver extension. Bracelet has never been polished and the Rolex crown on the clasp is nice & crisp.
  • Lug Width: 20mm
  • Box/Papers: comes with valuation report of Amsterdam Diamond Center and service papers from the Rolex Service Center dating 2004.


12 month warranty
14 day returns